Luisa - "Bi" to her friends - is no stranger to performing...

Born in Lisbon, July 29, 1972 she is the daughter of Luis Valença Rodrigues - a Master Rider - of unparalleled experience who introduced her to horses at an early age.

At six, she won her first Medals at prestigious Portuguese shows with Presentations both at the Fair of Santarém or in the Fair of Golegã but the most important was the Contest of "The Saddle Horse", that takes place in the Estoril Casino, very famous and popular in the 1970's.

In 1983, her father inaugurated the Equestrian Centre at Leziria Grande (Centro Equestre da Lezíria Grande), which was dedicated to the traditional Portuguese equestrian art - created exclusively for the horse and for the teaching and practising of this equestrian art form.

Luisa became completely devoted from body and soul to the Centre and the Horses either through the daily training of the horses that were entrusted to her or through regular exhibitions that the Centre promoted. Exhibitions are arranged throughout the whole country and abroad for the promotion oj tourism especially in places where ”the Portuguese is King”.

Luisa was a special, beloved student of the "great" Master Nuno Oliveira.

From the time she was 11 until he died, they remained close.

In December 1984 Luisa dazzled Paris while representing her country officially, through the Association of the Portuguese Horse.

During the eight-day duration of the International Exposition of the Horse "Le Salon du Cheval" among all the participants of several countries she, just 11 at the time, quickly became the main attraction.

In 1985, during the first complete presentation of the school of Centre Equestre she was the Soloist in a Festival in Valencia - Spain.

She has given Exhibitions in all of the main fairs, particularly the National Horse Fair in Golegã, where her solo performances continue to be a popular part of the show every year.

In 1987 "Equitana" was incorporated into the official preparations for Portugal for the Fair of Essen, in Essen - Germany, which was considered to be one of the most important events at that time. Luisa was once again the main attraction opening the show to an audience, which included Britains' Princess Anne the President of the F.E.I. at the time.

As Professional in 1987, she gave a presentation in Carpiano - Milan, where she organised the exhibition, and prepared all of the horses and horsemen.

In that same year she exhibited at the Festival of Valency again.

Still in 1987 in April, together with two horsemen of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, she went to Milan, and in this exhibition used Horses previously exported by the Centre.

In 1989, in March, she accompanied her father to Hanover, where for 15 days she taught her first classes in Germany.

Also in 1989, when at Equus in Milan, preceding her presentation, she gave instruction and prepared the Horses and Horsemen that collaborated with CELG in this big Event.

In 1989 May, again in Milan, during the international Fair, EQUUS with the group of horses and horsemen of the Centre, she had the Prime time and she stood out not only with her horse Sultan, but also with her new Horse "Achado" shone and left all dazzled.

From September of 1989 to December of 1991, there was an interruption to our shows due to the outbreak of equine Plague that had devastated neighbouring Spain but fortunately just reached some frontier areas of Portugal.

For this reason, the horses flew by plain to EQUUS, Milan to avoid Spain.

In 1990, having taken the opportunity she was invited by a Belgian TV Chain, to participate in a live Program with a horse to give instruction for one week to a group of owners of the Portuguese horses.

Also in England she rendered a valuable contribution to a Centre that ever since been devoted to our Horse and just used our methods making it one of the most popular schools.

In this middle time she was invited as star to the main such equine events as:

Jumping of Cascais 1986 and 1987

National and International championship of the Horse in Lisbon where she featured for two consecutive years on poster and magazine covers.

Festival of the “Horse and Fado” (our traditional song) in Cascais for 4 consecutive Years

International Jumping of Aveiro

International Jumping of Panty

International Jumping of Belém

She won the National Championship"Dressage" in the years of 1998 and 1999.

For six consecutive years she has performed at the Horse Fair in Vila Franca de Xira.

In the field of the teaching and competition there have been several tributes.

Nowadays she excels in teaching Courses for Foreigners, perfectly mastering the technical terms in French and English, besides Spanish and Italian.

Presentations in Parties and International Congress, in Arenas, in the main Country Squares, in Farms and Palaces, where the organization of Parties and Exhibitions to the style of the XVIII century, evoking the reconstitution of the ancient royal horse academies take place.

Intervention in scenes of films, as the double of main actresses or in small accomplishments for several chains of International TV that frequently have items on our Equestrian Art. publishing our Equestrian Art.

In the Equestrian Centre, her main place of work, there have been many hundreds of exhibitions over the 20 years of existence of CELG.

CELG “Centro Equestre da Lezíria Grande” is the title company of her and her family's performances.

These have been for a wide and varied audience and at many different types of events - such as: Travel Agencies organisations, Congress, Media-related Events, Corporate entertainment, Product Launches or within the entertainment industry in general.

It is difficult to describe the amount that in such few years she learned and let people learn.

Dozens of Albums, Cuttings, Interviews, Registers and..., thousands of Pictures prove her success.

Her vast Curriculum, of past exhibitions and private functions is similar to that of the Equestrian Centre, whose more important dates are automatically mentioned..

Also, she goes regularly to Thailand - Bangkok to The Horse Shoe Point, to give instruction to people and to train the several Portuguese Horses, and it is with strength and determination that she is spreading her intuition and good will to the several corners of the Globe...

Now Luisa gives Baroque performances with her Lusitano horses around the globe, performing to large crowds in such shows as the "Apassionata" which attracts ticket sales of some 400.000 for the actual tour along the 20 city- performances taking place in different European towns.

Luisa has now performed twice with João Oliveira in The US for Robinson Lusitanos at exhibitions of Classical Dressage.

More known as BI, a little temperamental but brilliant character, she lives a little isolated in her own world!

Active and persevering!

She gets easily to reach her objectives...

Independent! Unique!

Deep expert of the Portuguese Horse, their Origins, Aptitudes, Conditions..., she knows almost all of his huge existence in Portugal, as well as all his genealogy.

Few secrets she has to discover...















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