"Class A" or beginners, from the age of 5 onwards

The several phases are:

This is where the pupil takes the first steps towards becoming a future horseman. This is where the pupil learns the rules of riding, and, this is where he learns to love the horse.  

It's the pupil's first contact with the horse.

It is in the ‘voltige' that the pupils gain their natural balance, agility and correct posture, so they can then proceed to the second phase of their learning process. This class is aimed at the youngsters.

Beginners, even if they are adults, will pass through this phase (even if it is a transition) so the teachers can monitor their progress and they are better prepared for the second phase. Gear: Track suit and trainers to allow the pupil to perform the exercises.

This is an individual class with a duration of 20 minutes.

"Class B"

This is the second stage in the learning process – the adaptation to handling the horse and the perfection of the position on horseback. It is a group class, whether in an interior or exterior ‘Riding Hall” and lasts for 50 minutes.

"Class C"

This is the introduction to dressage.  

To enter this class, pupils that have not come from the previous stage must undergo an examination which consists of both theoretical and practical exercises.

It generally lasts one hour, but can last longer depending on the number of pupils and the class' development on the whole.


There are weekly ‘summer schools' during the holidays in which the pupil will learn how to clean, take care of and clean the horses, all whilst being part of theoretical classes and games, as well as two riding classes/day.