Our show's purpose is to promote the Lusitano Horse, its main actor, as well as to promote the Traditional Equestrian Art in a moment of beauty and history, laid deep within our culture and tradition.

It is not, however, a mere historical reconstruction of the Picaria Real. Rather, it is to depict in a show that which has fortunately remained among us in a popular way – the Lusitano Horse. The Lusitano is considered the oldest and noblest companion of Man in Equestrian Art – which reached its height in the 18 th Century. From that period of sheer magnificence we have inherited a splendour still present in the art of riding – both in terms of costume and knowledge.

It is that romantic splendour that the CELG, under Master Luis Valença's guidance has been exhibiting with his shows at national and international level. In them, one will find an array of displays beyond the classic rigour of ‘Dressage” the unpredictability of horseback bullfighting or the effort of equestrian competitions. They heighten the noble equestrian art to the realm of fantasy in a diversity of choreographed numbers with matching music and costumes in which one can count on the participation of 10/12 horses and 8/10 riders.